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Tue Jun 14 14:47:49 EST 1994

I am posting this as a request for information to help us build a case with
the administrators that computers are necessary for a biology department.
I have several questions I would like answers to, if possible, additional
comments will be welcome. 
This is directed to 4 year undergraduate schools, only, please, so that we
can make a direct comparison.
At present, we have very old computers in two faculty offices (word
processors), and dumb terminals in other offices.  We have only one 
computer for the department (approx. 100 + undergraduate students, four
professors and one adjunct).  We have email, and fairly good equipment for
most things.  However, the administration does not seem to be able to support
computers, and has continually turned down requests for the, on the basis that
biology doesn't need them.  I turn to the Internet for supporting evidence that
we do, indeed, need them, in order to have students at a competitive advantage.

My request is for the following information (and is being also posted to mol.
biol. methods and reagents and cell biology groups):
How many faculty, how many students, how many computers (what type) in offices,
and how many for general use by all.
What do yo do with the computers as instructional aids?
Any specific programs you use w/ courses, any leads to seminal articles that
present good arguments....would also be quite welcome.
If there are any requests, I would be glad to provide a summary of replies.
Thank you.
Sue Katz,  Assistant Professor of Biology at Doane College, Crete, Nebraska
DKatz at

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