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Paul Schlosser SCHLOSSER at ciit.org
Wed Jun 15 07:04:33 EST 1994

Not being a fundamentalist myself, this is just a hypothesis, but the
real issue for them is that their children may be taught things in
school which flatly contradict the religious trainning that they are
trying to give them at home.  If their entire faith relies on accepting
everything in the bible as literally true, then creating doubt could 
potentially bring the entire house of cards crashing down.  Thus, it is
pretense to suggest that teaching evolution as the only scientific
explanation for the diversity of life is something that is theologically
neutral.  Now just as the Catholic church had to come to grips with a
round earth so many years ago, so to (I expect) fundamentalists are
going to have to come to grips with this one.  Because the evidence is
more subject to interpretation (strong though it may be) it is easier
for them to continue to deny it.  Hopefully, this too will pass.

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