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	I put your post about donated journals on soc. soviet and
the following response.  You might consider posting this response to

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The response:
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Subject: If you have/want chemical books or journals.......
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If anyone has contacts at universities in Ukraine or other xSU countries,
you might want to make them aware of the services described below. I
spoke with Dr. Torio and she said they would prefer if the receiving
institution would prepare a wish list - ranging from specific book or
journal requests to "We'll take anything!"

Alternately, if anyone knows of universities who will be discarding
chemical holdings, please inform them of the good their old references
can do elsewhere.


                      *****Press Release: August 1, 1991*****
                                Updated: June, 1994

                               ACS PROJECT BOOKSHARE

              The American Chemical Society's Project Bookshare provides a
         means  for  individuals and organizations in the U.S.  to donate
         chemistry books, back volumes of journals, and non-print media to
         libraries  in colleges and universities in the United States and
         other  countries.  Although the project focuses on  libraries in
         other  countries, some small colleges in the U.S. which  are not
         state-supported  are also eligible.  Recently, efforts have been
         made  to  assist libraries at institutions  in  Eastern European
         countries  where there is a critical need for scientific litera-
         ture.  Any recipient institution must offer a program that leads
         to a B.A., B.S., or equivalent degree in chemistry.  The materi-
         als must be placed in libraries that are generally accessible to
         students  as well as to faculty members.  Shipping costs must be
         borne by donors and recipients, not the ACS.
              All materials donated to Project Bookshare should be in good
         condition,  i.e., free of insects, stains, molds, not mutilated,
         etc.  Project Bookshare accepts chemistry books not more than ten
         years old, as well as conference proceedings published as books.
         Complete  years  of many journal titles will  also  be accepted.
         Preference is given to journal runs of at least five consecutive
         years.   Project  Bookshare  is especially  interested  in those
         titles  on the ACS Committee on Professional Training (CPT) list
         of recommended journals, a list which the CPT uses in conjunction
         with  the evaluation of departments seeking ACS accreditation of
         undergraduate degree programs in chemistry.  Volumes of Chemical
         Abstracts, the Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry, and other
         classic reference works are also welcome, regardless of the dates
         of publication.
              The American Chemical Society's Project Bookshare was initi-
         ated in 1984.  Donations first began to be accepted in 1985. The
         activities  of Project Bookshare are monitored by a subcommittee
         of the ACS Joint Board-Council Committee on International Activi-
         ties.   The  current chair of the subcommittee is  Tracy
         Primich, Chemistry  Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,
              All donations to the ACS Project Bookshare must be approved
         before shipment.  Prospective donors should submit a list to Dr.
         Joyce  Torio at the Office of International Activities, American
         Chemical  Society,  1155 Sixteenth St.,  N.W.,  Washington, D.C.
         20036.  The list should include for books the titles, author(s),
         and dates and for journals, the titles and dates.  Dr. Torio can
         be  reached by phone at 202-872-4548 or by FAX  at 202-872-6206.
         (Also, 800-227-5558, then press 0 and ask for extension 4548.)
anubis at neosoft.com

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