Protein recovery from columns

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Wed Jun 15 16:15:31 EST 1994

Dear Rajesh,

	The recovery of a protein from a column depends on many variables.
The possibility of denaturation and/or aggregation of the protein on the col-
umn must be considered.  If the protein binds to the column, it will also not
be recovered; however, unless you are using an affinity column designed spe-
cifically to bind the protein, there should be a relatively large partition
coefficient for the solvent.  I'd look into such things as pH and ionic
strength to see if there are any conditions under which the protein denatures
or aggregates, and see if the presence of the column packing material changes
these from the solvent values.  This can be done by tossing a spoonful of
column packing material in a beaker with the protein solution.  You can then
shake and filter to see if your protein is binding.  Good luck.


					Bill Tivol

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