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Wed Jun 15 15:23:32 EST 1994

To: Ph.D. scientists who have recently found a job in industry

From: Richard Stone, Science Magazine

I'm working on a story for our upcoming ``Careers'' issue on how to get a job in
 industry, meaning any private sector, from biotech to computer software design 
to aeronautical engineering. If you have a few extra minutes, I would love to he
ar from you on the following topics:

--What sorts of jobs are available to new Ph.D.s?
--How did you get your foot in the industrial door?
--Were you recruited by a scientist?
--What are your expectations for the future?
--What are the criteria for promotion in your field?

Thanks for your help! (the sooner the better because of my deadline).

Richard Stone
(202) 326-6593
(fax) 371-9227
email rstone at

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