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> Hi folks,
> Does anyone know if one needs a permit to be allowed to collect either soil
> or water samples from the Azores for isolation of bacteria back in the UK?
> If so how does one go about it?
> Secondly I have vague recollections of seeing a reference on a paper (which
> I can't find) mentioning the University of the Azores. Is there such a 
> University or if noone knows, is there a way (via Internet) of getting this 
> info?

Many thanks for all the mail on this one. I really meant did I need a permit
at the Azores end. That is now answered thanks to Humberto Rosa. The rest of
the replies all mentioned the probable need for an import permit from MAFF at
the UK end. I hadn't thought about that one! One could argue that if I go
walking in Iceland for instance then back in the UK I scrape the mud off my
shoes and isolate a thermophile (which is solely what I look for) then I 
could be doing this illegally. Conversely wearing those same shoes upon exit 
at Heathrow will surely deposit mud hence bugs in a much more dangerous 
fashion than my isolation in a lab. It is interesting that anyone can import
strains from the ATCC (except for real nasties) or whatever without question.
However I will ask MAFF for advice.


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