help! RIVER BLOB info wanted

E Vogel e.vogel at
Wed Jun 15 12:34:00 EST 1994

Perhaps someone can help me re-locate a "lost" piece of news...
....I woudd appreasiate any help.
About a year ago, I read an article (perhaps in Windsor, Ont)
about the discovery of a "sludge layer" in the bottom of
the Detroit River. This "sludge" or "blob" as it was
called, was made up of heavy metals. There was specualteion
that this blob could have been there for 30 years or more
and that Detroit residents were drinking water polluted
by this sludge. was the bombshell:
Shortly after reading that article, I read (can't remember
where!) that a study of inmates blood chemistry revealed
abnormal amounts of heavy metal(s) [magnesium?] and
that the reserachers specultaed that the heavy metal(s)
was a PRIME CAUSE of criminal behavior.
I don't remember correrectly, but there may have been an
deduction that Detroit's crime waves of the 30's
paralled the increasing size of this polluting blob,
which contained exactly this same heavy metals.

So, a possible LINK between detroit CRIMINALITY and
POLLUTION was being shown.

My colleague in Europe would like to know more about
this problem. I will be away, but would appreaciate
if someone could remember where I might re-locate
these articles.

If possible (assuming you have a scanner) could you
please upload a .PCX or .TIF file (using the UUENCODE
program which converts binary to text file) or
perhaps by a "SA" (S)ave and (A)ttach message.
The SA option allows you to send a binary file
allong with a texxt messsage. I know this is
asking for a lott, so I will be thanksful for any

Any OTHER INFORMATION about the Dtroit River BLOB
wouldd really be appreciated, specially if it is
an update of my earlier reading.

As a final comment: Assuming that the link between
pollution and Detroit's decay is proven, wouldn't
there be a terrific impetus for society to
get polluters to stop? I mean, it may take decades
to find out about the grim consequences of
pollution --- speciallly the "stealth polluters"
who dump in the night.

I suppose that the automotive industry is going
to be very nervous about this one. Imagine what
"Hard Copy" could do to this story!

Thanks, and have a good summer!

PS: Please do not forward e-mail to e.vogel at
as I will be staying at a smaller inn with poor
modem facilities. However, my colleages iwll be
picking up my e-mail here and mailing it out
...the old-fashioned way. But they don't
have good lines (1200 baud max at last try.)
in this village.

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