ID sought - insect (nymph-stage?), New Jersey

Shag Aristotelis birchall at
Wed Jun 15 20:30:41 EST 1994

Okay, so I'm an insuffrably curious sort.
I was out to take the garbage to the street, and on the lid of one of the 
cans, found an unfamiliar insect.  It resembles the "nymph" form illustrated
in an old "World Book Encyclopedia" we've got lying around here - no antennae,
6 legs (2 point forward, 4 point back), long dragging tail-like thing.

The upper side of the body is what I'd call "spiny."  All the spines are black
except for a set of bright yellow ones running down the top of each side of
the abdomen, and two rows across at the back end of that construct, like so:

Front	 * * * * * *   Back
		 * *
		 * *
	 * * * * * *

The underside is a grey-white shade.  The whole body is approximately a half-
inch long, and the critter's capable of some pretty rapid locomotion, for
something its size.

I've got it in a peanut-butter jar right now, with holes punched in the lid.
I've put in sprigs of peony and forsythia, in case it wants to eat them, but
if someone can identify it _and_ tell me what to feed it (if it's even some
kind of bug I'd want to survive in the first place ;) I'd be most grateful.



New Jersey shore faces extreme damage from hurricane Shag, next on the news.

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