Should We Change Our Name?

lehn at lehn at
Thu Jun 16 17:00:30 EST 1994

In article <CMM. at>, <biosci-help at NET.BIO.NET> writes:
> What you see is what you get.  Sorry 8-(.  If the readership wants to
> change the charter of the group further, I am open to receiving
> proposals sent to biosci-help at
> 				Sincerely,

> 				Dave Kristofferson
> 				BIOSCI/bionet Manager
> 				biosci-help at

Perhaps what we can do is put a "time limit" on threads.  When the
limit is up, further posts under the same "thread" would automatically
generate a "cancel" using a flavor of the software our Norweigen
friend developed to keep Cantor & Seigal from spreading their Green
Card B.S. to the net.  (I think we all owe him a heartfelt thanks
for combatting C&S's annoying posts.)

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