Susan Duhon duhon at
Thu Jun 16 13:43:29 EST 1994

Dr. Bernard Cohen posted a comment, suggestion that urodeles is too
restrictive and that the newsgroup ought to include all amphibians. He
himself uses caecilians in his research. 

I and those I have discussed this suggestion with believe that
including all amphibians would make the group much to broad.
Discussion of Xenopus alone, for instance, could drown out all urodele
discussion. We all agree, however, that discussion of caecilians and
caecilian research could easily be accommodated by the urodeles group.
If Dr. Cohen, or anyone would like to contact me directly about this
suggestion, I am

Susan Duhon
Indiana University Axolotl Colony
Jordan Hall 407
Bloomington, IN 47405


duhon at

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