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Andrea Plos aplos at zoo.uct.ac.za
Fri Jun 17 16:17:38 EST 1994


I am currently working on a project which involves the examination of
land use and population density between the National Parks of Africa.
If you have knowledge of any similar project, I would greatly
appreciate a contact address.

The data which I require for this project are information on land use
and population density over the whole of Africa.  The ideal database
would be digitized maps containing information on land use (urban
areas, areas under agriculture, areas under grazing and wildlands) as
well as information on population density.   Even if the data is at a
fairly coarse scale it would be very valuable.

If you do have more detailed information on land use I would
appreciate information on areas under irrigation.  I would also like
to examine the effect of the changes in land use patterns over time so
if you have any data on old land use patterns, this would be most
valuable.   As I am interested in the intensity of land use between
the National Parks, data on the density of livestock would also be
useful.   Although the scope of the project is the whole of Africa,
data for any smaller area would be welcome.

If you have or know of any relevant databases I would love to hear
from you.   As regards the mode of data transfer, we can discuss this
in detail later, if you are willing to make the data available.
Briefly, our institution operates predominantly on ARC/INFO and
preferably we would like to FTP across any data which you are willing
to make available.   Any assistance which you are able to give will be
greatly appreciated.  I hope that you will be able to contact us in
the near future, as our search for data is becoming urgent.

With thanks,

Yours sincerely

Caroline Gelderblom

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