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tivol at tethys.ph.albany.edu tivol at tethys.ph.albany.edu
Fri Jun 17 11:34:46 EST 1994

As a contributer to the puzzles, I found them interesting and educational.
The squares & sticks thread seems to have direct biological application, but
it is hard to see the applicability of the ace of hearts thread.  Neverthe-
less, issues of proper use of statistics is of extreme importance in biology. 
I learned something from the discussion which may prove applicable someday,
e.g. all cells staining for a particular feature are sorted by a cell sorter,
and I would like to know what fraction I should expect to have a subclass of
that feature.  Maybe, since such applications are somewhat far-fetched, the
ace-of-hearts type of problem belongs somewhere else, but I, personally, have
no objections to wading through them here.  Of course, I am working through
a mainframe and have no memory constraints.


				Bill Tivol

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