Brain processing of language

BRANDAUER CARL M brandy at benji.Colorado.EDU
Sat Jun 18 11:50:23 EST 1994

rkjb at (Ken Brown) writes:

>Martin Hoekstra raised some questions about written and spoken language.

>To be completely anecdotal & introspective here, I know that I can process
>written language much faster than spoken. Orders of magnitude faster.
That reading is much faster than listening has been well established for
many years, especially in the area of of providing reading assistance to
the visually impaired, an endeavour I was involved in more than 30 years
ago.  On the other hand, the auditory system is vastly superior to the
visual system for processing sequential information. I don't know what the
current record for receiving Morse code is, but experienced operators can
easily handle 40-50+ words per minute when listening but even the best
sailors could never get much above 10 words per minute receiving flashing

Cheers - Carl

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