So what's the point?

John O'Brien john at
Sat Jun 18 13:49:50 EST 1994

>Jonathan B. Marder Wrote "
>The theory of evolution is not only a GOOD explanation of the origin of the
>world as we know it, but is also a necessary consequence of the laws of
>physics.  It is difficult to see how evolution could FAIL to occur given the
>set of physical laws we accept to be true.
  I don't think we know all the laws of ANYTHING yet and the ones we DO KNOW
  seem to change every so often, Don't they?

>Thus if evolution is dismissed, it would also be necessary to completely
>reshape our scientific knowledge and throw out vast areas of current physics
>and chemistry.
  So, what's your point?  It's happened before, 500 years from now our current
  state of knowlege could be as mistaken as the concept of the "Cosmos" in 
  Galileo's time.  N'es pas?
  Is there anything else to talk about now?
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