adress of The Costaeu Institute?

Rune Petersen rune at
Tue Jun 21 04:32:00 EST 1994

Request for adress of The Costeau Institute

A friend of mine, who has no acces to internet, is searching for the
adress of The Costeau Institue in France. He is going to start
studying marine biology (?) at a Danish University, and wants to exploit
the possibility to go to this institue as exchange student (That would
be in 1996-97 or 1997-98).

So if any from The Costeau Institute reads this, please mail me the
adress, and maybe the name of a possible contact person for my friend.

Thank you in advance

Rune Petersen
Aalborg University
Dept. of Math. and Computer Science

e-mail: rune at

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