Deepest apologies for posting overkill

Chris J. Dambrowitz chris at
Wed Jun 22 13:00:33 EST 1994

Guys (and gals), I'm really sorry!
A) it's the first time I've posted (can you tell?)
B) my machine was consistently telling me it was unable to post
the message due to problems in the Distribution field (I'm on NeXT)
and thus I thought it wasn't getting through.  The message was important
(otherwise I wouldn't have ventured into cyberspace at all) and so I kept 
trying, changing what (I thought) had to be changed, all to no avail
(so far as I could tell).  If the problems caused by my inexperience 
and lack of confidence in this whole Net thang have caused anyone 
inconvenience or (judging by the scathing comments in my mailbox)
intense personal trauma, then I truly do apologize.

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