Zebra Fish Book

Dean Pentcheff dean at tbone.biol.scarolina.edu
Thu Jun 23 08:13:24 EST 1994

wcweber at acs3.bu.edu (Wendy Weber) writes:
>Does anyone know where I can download the Zebra Fish Book from. I'm 
>stumped! I wasn't able to read it on zebra.scarolina.edu but that may be
>because I only have vt100.

It's on the zebrafish server at the University of Oregon.  The URL is:


However, you may wish to consider ordering the paper version - it's a
very substantial book, not a leaflet of a few dozen pages.  The online
version is great for a quick look or to find a specific factoid, but
the book as a whole is very nicely done.

You can contact the Univ. of Oregon folks via addresses that are on
their server.

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