ALS-Atrophied Lateral Psylerosis-Help

Kimi Fennel kimi at
Thu Jun 23 11:15:53 EST 1994

Please help - I'm am way out of my league entering into your realm on the 
internet.  I hope not to offend anyone by the use of this window.

I am seeking any and all information in regards to ALS - Atropied Lateral 
Scloresis disease (my spelling I am sure is completly off base) also known as 
Lou Gerigh's Disease and/or Motor Nueron Disorder/Disease.

I have been told there is no cure, there is no hope, no one knows what the 
cause of this disorder/disease is.  I am seeking any hopeful direction as to 
where I might find out more information regarding this subject.  Do I need to 
get out of your space and into somewhere more appropriate?  I have been told 
there are experimental drugs being put into practice at this time.  Has anyone
used herbal remedies to their benefit?  Would anyone please give me some
assistance or guidance for more information.  I appreciate your answers.

I have been told 6 months at the best is all the time I have left.  Am 
fighting with all my energy.  Any and all info will be helpful.

contact Kimi at

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