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Jose Roberto M C da Silva jrmcdsil at FOX.CCE.USP.BR
Thu Jun 23 15:26:31 EST 1994

I wold like to 

	subscribe herp-I <jrmcdsil at fox.cce.usp.br>

On Thu, 16 Jun 1994, Una Smith wrote:

> [note crossposting to sci.bio.herp, followup to bionet.general]
> Susan Duhon <duhon at silver.ucs.indiana.edu> wrote:
> >Dr. Bernard Cohen posted a comment, suggestion that urodeles is too
> >restrictive and that the newsgroup ought to include all amphibians. 
> >... discussion of caecilians and caecilian research could easily be
> >accommodated by the urodeles group. ...
> I agree:  the topic of discussion in a newsgroup should be of interest
> to the readers of that group, not necessarily in perfect accord with
> the charter of the newsgroup.
> And of course there is a general newsgroup for herpetology:  sci.bio.herp,
> which is gated to the herp-l mailing list.  To subscribe, send
> 	subscribe herp-l <Your Name>
> to
> 	listproc at xtal220.harvard.edu
> The list is administered by Michael Eisen;  I handled the Usenet RFD/CFV
> process to create the newsgroup last fall, together with several others.
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