Monocular colorblindness

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Fri Jun 24 14:46:08 EST 1994

Prfwaddle asks "Has anyone heard of a woman colorblind in one eye?"
Assuming cones arise in patches as does the hair on cats (the origin of the
question), the phenotype is *very* unlikely to be monocular colorblindness,
rather, some groups of cones in each eye will be capable of color discrimina-
tion and some not.  Given the thorough processing of visual information in
the brain, the interpretation could be indistinguishable from that of a woman
with no colorblind gene, or at low light levels--but not so low that there is
no cone response--colors may become washed out faster.  In order to observe
the genotype, one would have to examine responses of various areas of the
retina directly; I know of few women who would volunteer for this.


					Bill Tivol

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