What makes a calico cat?

Fri Jun 24 15:05:50 EST 1994

Despite my rookie status in biology, or should I say "in spite of" that - I
wish to respond to the most recent take-off on the calico theme.  I HAVE seen
X-linked mosaicism addressed in a textbook by Levine and Miller. A condition
has been noted in women, where sebaceous glands are present and absent in
patched areas distributed over the body. This condition, anhidriotic dysplasia,
is noted, as is     patches of "color-insensitive cells...on the retinas of
 women who carry one copy of a colorblindness allele, although enough of the
 retina responds normally...to produce normal color vision."
                   Perhaps this will help!

                                         M L Laferriere

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