What makes a calico cat?(Mom and Pop cats)

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>> >PS -- You might even comment on how a male calico cat might come about, if
>> >you want to enlighten me on that score as well! 
>> A male calico cat doesn't come about... the male is hemizygous for this
>> locus and will express only the color determined by the allele it
>> carries on its single X chromosome.
> I saw where someone did have a male calico cat.  Turned out it was
> XXY.  (I reckon this wasn't a "TRUE" male cat though since it was
> sterile.)

Gee, sounds like old times.  What is the genetic outcome of a calico cat? 
(This question is paraphrased from a test question in 1965!)  I answered  that
the cat was sterile.  Unfortunately at this time I can't remember whether I
stated which sex, but, nevertheless, did not get credit for the answer.  Seems
like it would have been important to the cat!  Damn!

Jim Miller--deja vu, all over again.

> Don

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