Need Help ASAP with Wheat Germ Phosphatase Question!

Barclay A. Dunn bad6 at
Sat Jun 25 13:05:14 EST 1994

HELP! I know this is last minute, but I am trying to find the answer
to a question regarding wheat germ phosphatase for a formal lab report
due Monday. In the lab we used an artificial substrate, p-nitrophenol 
phosphate, with this enzyme, but I would like to be able to discuss
the natural (actual) substrate this enzyme works on. 

If there is anyone out there who knows and can e-mail me the answer
fast, I would really appreciate it. I will need to footnote you (or
the book you pull it out of), so I need that info as well.


*  demon of air & water     aka bad tempered girl      bad6 at  *

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