ALS-Atrophied Lateral Psylerosis-Help

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Sun Jun 26 04:41:46 EST 1994

>I am seeking any and all information in regards to ALS - Atropied Lateral
>Scloresis disease (my spelling I am sure is completly off base) also known as
>Lou Gerigh's Disease and/or Motor Nueron Disorder/Disease.

***Disclaimer:  I'm not a doctor, not even Ph.D., just a gradstudent.  I'm
posting here so that if what I'm saying is completely wrong, that someone will
correct it.  In other groups this is called "trolling", but here I'd call it
"fishing with live bait".  Apologies for incompetence, certainly.  But for
trying to deliver information, even if it does raise false hopes, never!

What I've done was to send the poster a mess of information pulled out by
searching for Lateral and Sclerosis on NCBI's Nentrez.  Since these suggest a
role for SOD1 mutations and lower activity in the familial form of the disease
(though it may have *nothing* to do with the sporadic form, this appeal sounded
desperate), I also sent a search on Herpes and Therapy (and "neighboring"
articles) including an abstract (Geller and Freese, 1990) which starts off
"We have developed a defective herpes simplex virus (HSV) vector system that
permits the introduction of virtually any gene into mammalian central nervous
system neurons..."  I'm not volunteering to try this "easy little project", but
if this really makes any kind of sense, someone ought to be doing it!
   I also included a gopher-NIH grant abstract search including quite a variety
of proposed treatments, including use of specific amino acids to alter
glutamate metabolism in the brain.  Since these WERE readily available to all
until recently, and still are available as chemical reagents, it would be
technically feasible for a person to make use of them if they so desired.
(No advocacy of any illegal act should be inferred --- after all, it's only
   I've coated all this stuff with as many disclaimers and warnings as your
weekly package from Amersham, so now, do the thing I can't --- Please, would
someone who is knowledgeable in this line of research, make some comments on
the situation!
   "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!" --- Mike Serfas

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