Monocular colorblindness

Thomas Burglin burglin at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU
Sun Jun 26 13:28:18 EST 1994

>An interesting question.  
>I noticed recently that my eyes discriminate colours slightly differently.
>One appears "normal" and the other appears to have a magenta hue relative
>to the other.  Very strange.  Freaked me out when I noticed.  I don't
>think it's color blindness though.

Perhaps one to follow up,
my eyes are also slightly different, one a little bluish,
the other a little redish  (all relative, since one doesn't 
really know what is normal...).
I think that many people may have that, but just never notice.
I see the phenomenon best under artifical light, such
as a single 60W light bulb, that delivers lots of redish light.

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