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>Citation: The Scientist _8_(13); page 3 (issue of 6/27/94)
>In case you don't subscribe, the upshot of the article is that even though
>(in a survey of 1255 respondents polled by AMNH)     SNIP    SNIP
>about 1/2 "understand less and less about what scientists are doing today"
>and 59% feel that "science poses major risks to humanity" (37% disagree).

I believe it was Malinowsky who said something to the effect that "modern man 
has about as much faith and understanding of the workings of science as 
primitive humans do about magic and witchcraft".  Needless to say we need
to do a better job of getting our work into popular media such as "discover,
Omni, and popular science" if the objective is to promote appreciation and
understanding of scientific research.

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