Arginase Extraction from Sugar Beet

P.Longdon cs6170 at
Wed Jun 29 12:02:30 EST 1994

Dear Bionet Users,
  I recently started work here as a Research Technician and will be studying
quality characteristics in sugar beet plants; I have *SCOURED* the literature
for an arginase enzyme extraction proctocol, and the fruits of my labour have
simply been vague references to obscure papers from the fifties and sixties -
none of which I have been able to obtain yet, although I have found a little
bit of info. concerning the purification of the enzyme....which is not really
what I'm interested in.
  So I was wondering whether anyone out there knows of a decent method that I
could use, or any handy tips for designing a protocol using arginase.

	ta very much,

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