Proteins wanted II

brian h. johnson brian at
Wed Jun 29 16:35:26 EST 1994



>I am looking for plasmids that code for  proteins that are expressed at high levels, 
>preferably off of the Tac or T7 expression systems.  These proteins should be water 
>soluble at high levels of expression, and have a molecular weight of 29KD or higher. 
>I am currently investigating a novel technique for purifying these types of proteins 
>and if I am successful with yours, I will definitely pass on the procedure and be of 
>any assistance possible.

>Please call me at 609-258-3324 or email me at brian at

>thanks in advance,
>brian h johnson

If anyone has any GST fusions or any fusions for that matter, which are in a high 
expressing vector (T7, Tac) that are of mol wt of >29KD, and are soluble at high
expression levels, those would be fine also.

thanks again,

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