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Thu Jun 30 00:53:38 EST 1994

So far I received only three responses (all positive) to the original post, and
when I suggested the idea to Dave Kristofferson I received this response:
"We had such a group several years ago and NIH asked us to shut it down
because (1) we were funded by the government and thus (2) they didn't
want government funds being used for lobbying which our creation of
such a group would endorse.  Suffice it to say that I have absolutely
no interest in reopening this can of worms.  Please pass this on to
David Rhodes.  I think that such scientific political issues are
already discussed in the sci.research area anyway."
   Unless there is some indication of more interest in the group than this, I'm
reluctant to try to start an group, since a critical mass of
people is essential to get such a group going.  (I learned this the hard way..)
Meanwhile, I come to realize more and more just how inexperienced I am with
Usenet.  I hadn't even realized that newsgroups were funded before.  I hope
they don't send me a bill... :)
   My apologies to the "Voices for Evolution" people.  Apparently you're
posting to the right place after all!

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