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Dick Vogt vogt at tbone.biol.scarolina.edu
Thu Jun 30 16:19:52 EST 1994

teleost (Tohru) writes:

>in the issue of Danio vs. Brachydanio, I believe the zebrafish
>community recently decided to rename the organism Danio, which corrects
>the original misclassification.  aquarium owners probably don't care,
>but the newsgroup propsed (what's happened to that, anyway?) is by and
>for members studying development and genetics in the zebra danio.  no
>ambiguity there...

Regarding the newsgroup, a second CFV was just issued.  Vote is sent to 

biovote at net.bio.net
biovote at daresbury.ac.uk

to vote in favor, send message:  YES on ZEBRAFISH
to vote against, send message:   NO on ZEBRAFISH

If the vote is successful, the newsgroup will appear under 
bionet.organisms.zebrafish sometime in July; the vote began June 13 and I 
believe runs 30 days.

If anyone wants to see a copy of the CFV proposal and can't find it, I 
would be happy to e-mail it to them.
Richard Vogt (Internet: vogt at biol.scarolina.edu) (803) 777-8998
Department of Biology, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC 29208

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