Solubilizing Hydrophobic Proteins-Question

Michael Frederi Richardson richard at
Tue Mar 1 10:45:53 EST 1994

As part of a research project, I need to study the solution properties of
a protein.  The proteins that I am working with are amphipathic in nature
and the hydrophobic sequences make solubility in water difficult without the
use of a surfactant.  Since I am looking only for the properties of the
protein in solution, I need to find some way to get the protein in solution
without a surfactant.  I am currently experimenting with phosphate buffers
with various salt concentrations.  It appears that these types of buffers
have found some use in the solubilization of membrane proteins from the
endoplasmic reticulum.  
	I would greatly appreciate any help/comments/suggestions about
work that anyone may have done with solubilizing hydrophobic proteins. 

			Thanks in advance
			Michael Richardson
			richard at

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