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>In all of this thread of responses to perceived homophobic and racist
>remarks within a scientific posting, I seem to read only three types of
>responses suggested:
>-Censor the poster
>-Attack the poster, either personally or in a generic flame
>-Ignore the remarks
>I find all of these choices objectionable.  Censorship is generally a lousy
>answer to anything.  Attacks are almost as bad, and tend to get overblown.  And
>ignoring hate speech allows it to be perpetuated as if it were acceptable to
>the community at large.
>What is really needed is merely to point out racist and homophobic statements
                          ^^^^^^              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
You've overlooked the hetero-phobic remarks that are such common

>and assumptions for what they are.  That way, the poster (or speaker) can
>clarify his or her point, in case the point was mis-stated or misinterpreted,
>or reconsider the issue, in case they were really unaware of the racism or
>homophobia that had crept into their thinking.  
>It is hard to change a person's thinking by attacking them.  Education is much
>more effective, and we all need help now and then.
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