Why do we sleep?

ww40 William_D_WARREN at UMAIL.UMD.EDU
Wed Mar 2 16:46:45 EST 1994

In response to an observation by kestrel at umn.edu, Laura Geyer
<lgeyer at bach.udel.edu> wrote:

>My roommate does this as well, and so does her mother and younger brother.
>They don't really know why this happens, but her stepfather has said that its
>actually so bad that its uncomfortable to be in the same bed--he can't sleep 
>because of the heat.  What's also weird is that they don't have a
>high normal temperature, its only when they sleep.  Sorry I don't have any 
>theories, but it's probably hereditary at least in her family.

Have you established that the body temperature of these people actually
rises ??? It seems to me that it mightn't, but is perceived to since on
falling asleep they are no longer moving much and are not disturbing the air
around them very much. Thus the air trapped under the covers rises, and
other occupants of the bed feel a rise in temperture, but there is no change in
the body temperature of the sleeper.

Well it's a theory ...


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