Why do we sleep?

Laura B. Geyer lgeyer at bach.udel.edu
Wed Mar 2 16:00:27 EST 1994

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>My apologies--a bit of an exaggeration there.  The situation, as observed
>from a second-hand viewpoint (as I am asleep at the time), is that, upon
>falling asleep, my body starts to radiate quite a bit more heat than it
>does under waking conditions.  I haven't noticed a similar radiation with
>other adults, but have observed an increase in heat radiation by infants
>during sleep cycles; I wonder if there may be a connection.  Personally,
>the increase of temp when I fall asleep is dramatic enough for another to
>tell immediately that I am "over the brink".  Has anyone else noticed this
>phenomenon, or have a hypothesis about it?
My roommate does this as well, and so does her mother and younger brother.
They don't really know why this happens, but her stepfather has said that its
actually so bad that its uncomfortable to be in the same bed--he can't sleep 
because of the heat.  What's also weird is that they don't have a particularly 
high normal temperature, its only when they sleep.  Sorry I don't have any 
theories, but it's probably hereditary at least in her family.

Laura Geyer
lgeyer at bach.udel.edu

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