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Bryan Ness bryan.ness at bbs.puc.edu
Tue Mar 1 19:25:00 EST 1994

 > For example, one
 > couple was going to have their fetus tested for Cystic Fibrosis.
 > Their insurance company told them that if the child tested
 > positive they would have to abort it, because they refused to pay
 > for the treatment if the child had CF.

 KB> If this is true then any of you Americans who still care about civil
 KB> liberties had better get yourselves a decent public health insurance
 KB> program.

 I should probably add that the insurance company later backed down, but
 what bothers me about the case is that they even tried to force the
 abortion.  That choice should have been toally the parent's choice, not
 the insurance company's.

 Of course, one way to solve this kind of problem is universal health care,
 but that doesn't seem to be too popular in the U.S. and this isn't the
 place to debate such issues.

 This whole discussion just illustrates the need for careful thought when
 using scientific advances in a social context.

 Bryan Ness

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