ftp sites for Antarctic matters?

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>G'day All!
>I'm trying to locate ftp sites that deal with Antarctic or Southern
>Ocean-related matters.
>I would be interested in both anonymous ftp or account driven. I f the
>latter type I would very much appreciate information on who to contact to
>arrange an account.

Here are a few things that might help.

---------------------------8< A CONTACT 8<--------------------------------
015.28 Antartica
by Andy Linton <Andy.Linton at comp.vuw.ac.nz>

In February 92, NZ Telecom will have a satellite connection available to Scott
Base in the Ross Dependency offering data circuits of up to 64 Kbits/sec in thefirst year of operation and 2 Mbits/sec thereafter.  Preliminary enquiries in
New Zealand show that an Internet link to Scott Base would be useful to
researchers and that there are no technical reasons why the link could not be
operational in February before the end of the summer season. This link could bemade available to researchers at the American and Italian bases in the area
relatively easily.  Work on funding the link will continue and we hope to
report positive progress soon.

Dept of Comp Science, Victoria Uni, Wellington, New Zealand
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A gopher hole.

---------------------------8< GOPHER-HOLE 8<--------------------------------
Path=m/Internet Resources/FTP Sites/Antartica-Images
URL: gopher://gopher.stolaf.edu:70/1/m/Internet Resources/FTP Sites/Antartica-Images

---------------------------8< GOPHER-HOLE 8<--------------------------------

A veronica search on the southern ocean. Option 3 would be your best bet.

---------------------------8< Veronica to the rescue 8<--------------------
        Search gopherspace by veronica at PSINet: Southern Ocean

      1.  Cycling of Nutrients Biogenic Matter In Southern Ocean.
      2.  Analysis of Nitrogen Dynamics with Two International Southern Ocea... -->  3.  Institute of Antartic and Southern Ocean Studies (IASOS) (organiza../      4.  GEOSAT Southern Ocean (60-72 S. Latitude) Altimeter Data.
      5.  Southern Ocean Waves Experiment.

---------------------------8< Veronica to the rescue 8<--------------------

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