nektobenthic animals

Constance F Carr ccarr at
Tue Mar 1 21:29:18 EST 1994

Mark (Gerald) Wright (pbs1 at wrote:
: Isn't a nektobenthic animal a sort of large planktonic animal that lives in 
: the benthos? just a guess!

: Cheers, MGW

Thaks for your response!

Hmmmm.... what I'm trying to do is put together a community structure for
the Burgess Shale -- on a very basic level anyway.

As I understand it, pelagic organisms live on or near the surface, infauna
live under the sediment, epifauna live on the sediment, and I would guess
that nektobenthic animals live somewhere between the sediment andthe
surface.  Like a big fish, for example.  Which would sort of fit with what
you say.

Can anyone confirm this?


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