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NAME MICHAEL ALLEN mjallen at ac.dal.ca
Wed Mar 2 18:05:55 EST 1994

In article <2kqu3l$5du at nermal.cs.uoguelph.ca>, ccarr at uoguelph.ca (Constance F Carr) writes:
> Can anyone tell me what a nektobenthic animal is?
> thanks,
> connie

I am not a marine biologist but in the Cambridge Encyclopedia a nekton
is a swimming marine organism, capable of locomotion for extended periods
of time at speeds greater than those of the ocean current; distinct from 
plankton which are drifters.

In the same book, benthic refers to the marine life at the ocean floor. 
Organisms living on the surface of the ocean floor are benthic epifauna and
those that live in the sediment are benthic infauna.

You probably know all that.

I would guess that a nektobenthic is a creature that lives on the
ocean bottom and swims.  Like a flatfish or  flounder.  Of course it could also
be an oxymoron.

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