mono lake, california

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Thu Mar 3 13:04:22 EST 1994

I have three suggestions:
Nitrogen Fixation Dynamics of Two Diazotrophic Communities in Mono Lake, Califo
rnia, Ronald S. OREMLAND, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 56:3 614-22,
march 1990
Autoecology of a filamentous alga, Ctenocladus circinnatus (Chlorophyceae), in
saline environments, BLINN, D. W., CAN-J-BOT, 49: 735-43
Comparative studies of thte population ecology and life history patterns of an
alkaline salt lake insect: ephydra (hydroporus) hians say, D. B. Herbst, Ph D
thesis, 1986, Oregon State University
I hope this will help; the Herbst thesis is just great. If you ever go to
MOno Lake, I would appreciate if you tell me if you saw Ctenocladus circinnatus
, an algae that lives there; I've never seen it!
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