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: Does anyone in this group have access to a medical/scientific study of the
: effects of steroid use? The reason that I ask is that there has been a lot
: of pro-steroid use discussion in another newsgroup, (, and
: I would like to post some hard research data/facts. Thanks .... Pete

I dont have direct access to this type of information but can direct you
to an article which discusses androgen abuse of this form and sites other
literature.  The ref is F.C.W. WU (1992) Testicular sterodogenesis and
androgen use and abuse. in Baillieres clinical endocrinology and
metablolism volume 6(2) pp373-403.  The main part of the chapter that
deals with androgen abuse is pp395-397.  If you cant find it I will post a
copy to you.

A nice statistic that should keep you away from a gym in which people
abuse androgens (anabolic steroids) is that 22% of abusers have major
depressive manic illness and 12% have psychotic symptoms.  No doubt a
feature that aids the known "rage" that androgen abusers report.

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