heritability - help???!!!

millerej at bcvms.bc.edu millerej at bcvms.bc.edu
Wed Mar 2 19:41:08 EST 1994

Hi, perhaps someone can help em with this one:
In our last class on the impacts of early experiences on child development the
issue of heredity was broght up. Following Plomin's book on behavioral genetics,
a question was raised vis-a-vis heritability:
In order to get a heritability term for a trait (in humans), do we double or 
square the correlation for twins - and what is the ratinale (for either method
that you suggest)?
Will we use the same method for heritability measure in siblings? In parent-
child correlation?

Thanks in advance for you help. I'd appreciate it if you could send the answer
directly to me. Thanks a lot, 
Erez C. Miller
Boston College
<millerej at bc.bcvms.edu>

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