Jeff Smith jsmith at mondrian.CSUFresno.EDU
Thu Mar 3 18:46:03 EST 1994

 Hello to all you out there in cyberspace! :)

  I have a question about Modern Synthesis that I need help in
understanding.  I am taking an Evolution class this semester and were
talking about the idea of Modern Synthesis.  The fifth statement (in
the book we are using) says this: "The continued accumulation fo
genetic differences, under the principal guiding force of natural
selection, results in new taxa above the species level by the same
processes that produce new species." (Process and Pattern in Evolution
by Charlotte Avers. 1989).

  What exactly does that mean?  What is meant by "new taxa"?  Does it
suggest that new species that evolve from other species must be higher
up on the "ladder"?  I guess the thing that is most confusing to me is
the term "new taxa".  I don't really understand what is trying to be
said by using the term new taxa.  

  Can anyone offer help?  I am open to your ideas and insights into

jsmith at

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