Looking for BBS's with bionet echo

Chris Campbell dsrekcc at prism.gatech.EDU
Thu Mar 3 22:00:45 EST 1994

I have a friend who has internet e-mail but not Usenet access.
She is a researcher at Emory (MS at UT-Austin) who I believe
would benefit greatly from the information passing through
these bionet channels.

Many BBS's offer Usenet service, but usually it's rec.stuff,
alt.stuff, and comp.stuff.  I have yet to see one that carries
bionet newsgroups.  Has anyone seen such a BBS?  One in Atlanta,
or anywhere in the Southeast for that matter, would be great for
obvious reasons.

_I_ have full Net access, so if there's a file somewhere that I can
ftp, let me know.    Thanks in advance.

Chris Campbell      dsrekcc at prism.gatech.edu

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