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Subject:       Thanks.  (was re: oops)
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Dave Kristofferson wrote:

> As for the rest of the predictable complaints leveled against myself
> and how we run BIOSCI/bionet versus, etc., I tired a few years
> back of these battles; I resolved then to avoid further disputes and I
> don't intend to break that resolution now.  These exchanges are not
> going to affect how we run the BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups now or in the
> future.  I want to clarify any possible mis-attribution due to my
> previous message and then get back to work.

 Dave, from one of the "satisfied users" of bionet, many thanks for
 all your hard work.  We don't tell you often enough, I suspect...
 in fact, how much energy do we *all* waste on picking nits when
 we ought to be saying what I'll say now:  "Thanks.  You make
 life much easier for the rest of us!"  :-)

 Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI   klier at

	Ditto from this lab.

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