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dmccauliff on BIX dmccauliff at
Sat Mar 5 00:30:21 EST 1994

	I am but a computer consultant for a medium-sized 
pharmaceutical company (owned by a much bigger parent company, of
course).  The Drug Safety department (Toxicology research) has 
asked questions about the usefulness of individual researcher access
to the Internet (currently not available).  While I am able to argue
the point for Usenet access (the ability to share questions and ideas)
, the questions still remains "What else is there?".
	So, other than Usenet groups, what else is there that a 
researcher can make use of?  Realize that if software is needed, they
can request the software from the PC Support Group and sometimes even
get the package they want, without presonally dealing with the ordeal
of FTP.  The primary interest is in the ability to search through
journals for specific key words while I have tracked dowm the NLM
(National Library of Medicine), they will only provide me with 
searching for books, not journals).  Is there an easy way for them
to perform this?  What else is the Internet used for by researchers?
What else should be provided?  What do you use it for?

		David McCauliff

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