Why do we sleep?

Naomi kestrel at unm.edu
Fri Mar 4 21:52:13 EST 1994

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>>My apologies--a bit of an exaggeration there.  The situation, as observed
>>from a second-hand viewpoint (as I am asleep at the time), is that, upon
>>falling asleep, my body starts to radiate quite a bit more heat than it
>>does under waking conditions.  I haven't noticed a similar radiation with
>>other adults, but have observed an increase in heat radiation by infants
>>during sleep cycles; I wonder if there may be a connection.  Personally,
>>the increase of temp when I fall asleep is dramatic enough for another to
>>tell immediately that I am "over the brink".  Has anyone else noticed this
>>phenomenon, or have a hypothesis about it?
>My roommate does this as well, and so does her mother and younger brother.
>They don't really know why this happens, but her stepfather has said that its
>actually so bad that its uncomfortable to be in the same bed--he can't sleep 
>because of the heat.  What's also weird is that they don't have a particularly 
>high normal temperature, its only when they sleep.  Sorry I don't have any 
>theories, but it's probably hereditary at least in her family.
>Laura Geyer
>lgeyer at bach.udel.edu
Laura--thanks for the input!  Ill have to check and see if my mother warms
up as well...(bit of an odd question to ask :-)  Well, its nice to know
that its not just me.  Comes in very handy on camping trips...*grin*


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