I'm looking for a career!!!

EMRE ONAT cs921110 at ariel.cs.yorku.ca
Fri Mar 4 18:02:11 EST 1994


	I am about to graduate from York University in Canada with an
Honours degree in Biology and Psychology, with laboratory experience in 
molecular genetics and cell biology.  I am a very hard working person
and want to immigrate to the US because of the great opportunities there
among other reasons.  I am very interested in starting work around 
the summer time for full time, or contract positions.
	I have over 8 years experience in the area of sales, but my
educational background is scientific.  I could help do research or even 
sales.  If there is any information regarding biotech jobs, or in the 
area of medicine, or even business please send or reply to my request.
I would love to start working in the US., preferebly in Florida, California,
or Massachuesettes as soon as possible.  I also have references available
upon request proving my genuine qualifications.  I look forward to hearing
from anyone in industry or government.  
	My resume is available upon request.  I will forward more information
upon receiving an e-mail response.  Thank you very much for the opportunity.

				Emre Onat

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