Why do we sleep?

Eric Mintz mintz at orchid.UCSC.EDU
Sun Mar 6 10:04:36 EST 1994

In article <2lc1mj$89j at auggie.CCIT.Arizona.EDU> robertd at argon.gas.uug.arizona.edu (Robert Dejournett) writes:
>  I think you all are missing the key issue, i think that animals sleep 
>for evolutionary reassons; those with good day vision can't do much at night,
>so they 'shutdown', oposite for those nocternile things.  You notice that 
>sponges and clams and other 'lower' animals don't sleep.

Once again, the issue regarding why sleep evolved in the first place is
different from the question of why *we* sleep.  Regardless, there are many
animals (reptiles, amphibians, fishes) which show diurnal or nocturnal 
patterns of activity, yet these animals do not sleep.

Sleep is not the same thing as inactivity.

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