What is GLP, Good Lab Practice?

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Mon Mar 7 07:32:39 EST 1994

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> Subject: What is GLP, Good Lab Practice?
> Organization: Abbott Laboratories

> I want to know what is GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICE, or GLP. Is it a kind
> of guideline? Any good reference/book talk about it? Your helps are
> appreciated.

Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) are regulations that apply to practices for 
conducting non-clinical laboratory studies that are intended to support 
research applications or marketing permits (i.e. new drug applications - NDAs) 
for products regulated by the FDA, including human and animal drugs, medical 
devices for human use, biological products, food and color additives, and 
animal food additives.

Best source of information would be the Code of Federal Regulations in your 
local library.

- Matteo diTommaso

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