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Santhat Lekhavadthanajai - SCMI - 3636187 gscslh at MUCC.MAHIDOL.AC.TH
Mon Mar 7 03:46:51 EST 1994

Hi, all netters,

The responses to my original posting, a short while ago, of "Is there 
any bacteriologist out there?" were rather encouraging and had since 
snow-balled into calls for establishment of microbiologists news group 
within the bionet system.

To actually test the feasibility of this idea, I would propose that we 
start by producing a sort of "Microbiologists Directory".  This so 
called "Directory" will list the name and e-mail address (with 
possibility of adding FAX and hard mailing address) of interested partici-
pants according to first the organism they work with (at the genus 
level), and then again with the nature of their research work.
For example, I am currently working on the assay of antibiotics produced by
Streptomyces against Plasmodium falciparum; therefore, my name would 
appear under the Streptomyces, Plasmodium, and antibiotics assay listing.

This "Directory" will deliberately exclude those of you who work with 
yeast and those doing molecular biological works since specialised news 
group catering to both groups already exist in the bionet system.  
However, I would welcome your comments on this point.

I shall periodically post this proposal, once every ten days, I think, 
between 3/7/94 to 4/17/94; those interested or would add any comments 
can mail me at the above address and I would be happy to act as a ad hoc 
compiler until I can find somebody who love to carry out the actual work.

So, let the dance begins, shall we say?

Santhat Lekhavadhanajai
Department of Microbiology
Faculty of Sciences
Mahidol University
Bangkok, Thailand
e-mail address :  gscslh at mucc.mahidol.ac.th


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